• Hearing both sides of the story

    Hearing both sides of the story

Policy Compliance

Compliance is sine qua non

It will rarely be sensible for a firm to promote or assist conduct which falls short of full compliance with their professional indemnity or other insurance policy obligations; but sometimes these are unclear, or the scope of what is insured/able is uncertain, so that a proper appraisal of a situation will benefit both the firm and its insurer.

Get the Notification Right:

A factor increasingly material for professional businesses is the impact of a claim or scare upon future costs, and even the availability (indispensable to existence of most professional firms), of professional indemnity insurance. Optimum understandings and presentations of Notifications to or for insurers, or brokers, carry increasing, and sometimes critical, value.

Policy Inceptions and Renewals:

Recent and proposed Law changes may help reduce the perils of a claim or policy becoming disqualified because of some failure or omission to disclose relevant information to Insurers before renewal or inception of professional risks insurance. But it will remain an ever-present risk for both policyholders and their brokers. To some extent it is part of the Broker's job to help their customers with this; but the responsibility rests with the Policyholder to know and disclose all material information. FMWL can help with the identification and presentation of the information so as to minimise the risks of disaffecting insurers, or causing their premium quotations to become unnecessarily inflated.

FMWL Bats Exclusively for You:

Brokers are busy people, with loyalties to insurers as well as their clients. Technical accuracy in Policy compliance is not their primary stock in trade. Trouble is, given that the lawyer expertise is predominantly in the firms who work for the insurers,  legal advisers exclusively to and for policyholders with genuine experience in this area are rare. FMWL are independent and operate exclusively for the Policyholder.

If you require the expert advice of FMWL to ensure you are fully compliant, do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. 

Professional Risk Expertise

Mike Willis has worked with a diverse range of professions including...

The FMWL Approach …

  • Accurate understanding and technical analysis;
  • Focus on duty, causal event(s) and consequences; not gossip…
  • Sensitive but objective empathy;
  • Overarching commerciality; and
  • Clear aims, with vision where necessary to explore indirect routes to solutions.