Industry News December 2018 

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal is expecting a 35% uplift to its workload in 2019, with SRA projections that prosecutions will increase from around, so that nobody can later que 136 to more than 200, including 25 cases related to sexual misconduct / harrasment.

In a hearing which attracted widespread interest and loud protest against the SRA’s prosecution, media lawyer Mark Lewis has been sanctioned by the SDT for unacceptable content in Twitter and Facebook messages, notwithstanding that his messages were ‘stand-up-to-the-bullies’ responses to incoming posts which were themselves [racially] offensive.

Slater & Gordon are piloting a LegalDefence app, developed and used as LegalShield by 1.7m subscribers already in the US, to provide, in return for a £24pm subscription, a ‘lawyer hotline’ range of simplistic legal functions and automated advisory responses.

ETL Group. a global network headquartered in Germany providing tax, legal, audit and accounting services, has acquired Glaisyers, solicitors in Manchester, with plans for a new London office.

The MOJ has published that personal injury claims numbers have fallen by 20% back to 2011 levels, even ahead of imminent soft-tissue claim reforms.

The SRA has revealed it incurred £3.1m costs, reflecting the intensity of the pressure from Whitehall, in its unsuccessful prosecution of Leigh Day in 2017, concerning that firm’s handling of claims by Iraqi civilians against the MoD.

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