• A reputation for professional excellence with integrity

    A reputation for professional excellence with integrity

  • Accurate understanding and technical analysis

    Accurate understanding and technical analysis

  • National and International Experience

    National and International Experience

  • 34 years in private legal practice

    34 years in private legal practice

  • A focus on events and consequences, not gossip

    A focus on events and consequences, not gossip

  • Helping lawyers, brokers, accountants, surveyors and other professions

    Helping lawyers, brokers, accountants, surveyors and other professions

  • There when you need him

    There when you need him


F Mike Willis has been asked a variety of different questions relating to his knowledge, experience and professional services.......here is just a brief overview of the most common.


Why set up in a sole/small practice rather than join another mature firm?

Working as a new independent legal adviser is the best platform to reach clients who need Mike’s particular skills.

What is “Forfence”?

Yes, it is a word; and its practical meaning is: the protection from, or prevention of, something worse. Another word of similar meaning is ‘prophylactic’; but that wouldn’t look too well on business cards… It answers for situations where trouble is in prospect, but so far there is no claim to be defended; or even if there is, there are measures available to limit, reduce or defuse the exposure.

What does the ‘F’ stand for?

You choose! … You may be more imaginative than the truth, which is that Mike‘s first name is Francis.

What are the sorts of situations for which F Mike Willis is most helpful?

I can help you when you have to make critical decisions confronting your business… decisions like:

  • Should I sue on a bad debt – or am I vulnerable to disproportionate retaliation?
  • What’s the value of the claim opportunity by/against me?
  • How do I tell insurers of my peril without scaring them to an extent that endangers next year’s renewal, or inflates the premium?
  • Insurers in fact have to be told, and how should I treat with them once they have been told – especially if I’m uneasy about what they’re doing, or the terms of my cover?
  • How do I deal with an exposure that is not insured/able?
  • What are the commercial priorities of the business and do these conflict with others?
  • How do I manage our conflicts of interest?
  • What and how do I tell our professional regulator?
  • What and how do I tell Partners, investors, bank, staff or other stakeholders?
  • What action or measures can/must be taken meanwhile?

I understand the legal practice area you are operating in, but what do you actually do?

Mike listens to and reads the material provided by the client and applies his experience and expertise to identify legal causes and effects, forecast the likely outcome of the client’s exposure (net of whatever can be transferred away to an insurer, or someone else), and recommend the realistic optimum result they should aim for. Then if further operational work or representation is needed, this will be undertaken, subject to F Mike Willis Ltd being the right ‘horse for the course’.

Why don’t you act for doctors?

The law governing claims against medical professions is different in various technical respects to the law and procedures affecting other professions.

Why aren’t you located in a big city, where many of your client businesses might be expected to operate?

There is no special reason to be. Sometimes it can be helpful to meet the client and to understand the physical setting for any particular problem or circumstance; and that can always be arranged. But geography is no longer the practical issue it once was, and our present location helps us to stay competitive, without losing touch.

Will F Mike Willis Ltd be expanding?

Yes, if the right opportunities arise and can be captured.


Professional Risk Expertise

Mike Willis has worked with a diverse range of professions including...

The FMWL Approach …

  • Accurate understanding and technical analysis;
  • Focus on duty, causal event(s) and consequences; not gossip…
  • Sensitive but objective empathy;
  • Overarching commerciality; and
  • Clear aims, with vision where necessary to explore indirect routes to solutions.