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    Every word matters

Expert Witness Services

Acting as an expert witness:

Solicitors are not often needed by courts to provide expert testimony, because judges are usually equipped to assess duties and standards of care for themselves, and to measure the financial consequences resulting from breaches. Nevertheless, disputes and actions involving lawyers are commonly occasions for need for clear analysis, and sometimes witness testimony, surrounding their performance.

FMWL can provide reports and expert testimony; sometimes in areas in which Judges may not commonly have rich experience, including the practicalities of supervision, delegation and derived knowledge; practice management; and conflicts management. Do not hesitate to get in touch for more information. 

Professional Risk Expertise

Mike Willis has worked with a diverse range of professions including...

The FMWL Approach …

  • Accurate understanding and technical analysis;
  • Focus on duty, causal event(s) and consequences; not gossip…
  • Sensitive but objective empathy;
  • Overarching commerciality; and
  • Clear aims, with vision where necessary to explore indirect routes to solutions.